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Thor: Loki’s Perspective Master Post


For those of you who can’t seem to understand why anyone would side with Loki or find him sympathetic, I figure I might as well make a post explaining it, complete with gifs, pictures, and video links. Because it’s not obvious at first, and it takes some thinking about to figure out Loki’s character. That and I love super-long analysis posts, kay?

Your comprehensive guide to why people find Loki tragic, sympathetic, and heartbreaking follows.

NOTES: This analysis will use deleted scenes from Thor. They are, for all intents and purposes, canon. They were written by the screenwriter, shot by the director, and the actors played their parts believeing that these scenes were going to be in the movie. I’ll provide links to these scenes where needed, for those who haven’t seen them.

In addition, for those thinking that this is just speculation and re-interpretation, I’d invite you to listen to some interview with Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki. [This is a great one!] Much of what I point out here is what Tom meant to portray when he played the character.  I swear, I’m not just making this up. 

Okay! On to the show!


Part 1: Childhood 

Part 2: Before Coronation

Part 3: Coronation and In The Vault

Part 4: We’re Going To Jotunheim

Part 5: The Bifrost

Part 6: Jotunheim Negotiations

Part 7: Jotunheim Fight

Part 8: Thor’s Banishment

Part 9: The Aftermath

Part 10: Am I Cursed?

Part 11: The Odinsleep and Loki’s Ascension

Part 12: On the Throne

Part 13: Visiting Midgard

Part 14: Back to Jotunheim

Part 15: Heimdall Confrontation

Part 16: Buying Time

Part 17: The Destroyer

Part 18: The Master Plan

Part 19: The Final Battle

Part 20: After the End

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#Rose Tyler gives no fucks about what show she’s on


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